Sofia Fernandes

We did 2 tours with Guia Filipe (one like Sete Jeep cities and one like Furnas de Carrinha) We love it! The boys liked it a lot and it was a lot of fun. Filipe was spectacular - he has a background in tourism, is very professional and very determined. I recommend these 2 tours even for those with children. The views are beautiful and the Jeep off road was the boys' delight.

André Castanheira

Very friendly, helpful, with a lot of knowledge of the island and super fun. I loved the experience on the island of São Miguel, I recommend it.

Cristina F.

It is best to start at one end of the island and let yourself go to the end, where to start .... From the food, both meat and fish, the views, simply incredible. It is not an island facing tourists, but nature, which makes the Azores unique! Eat the typical stew in Furnas without forgetting to visit the liquor factory and taste that wonderful nectar of the gods. Spend a day in the gardens of Terra Nostra, in the lagoons, viewpoints that seem out of this world. I will go back there whenever possible!