Nordeste Jipe (Full Day)

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One of the lesser known places for those who visit us, however, is considered one of the most beautiful areas of the island: it is the municipality of Nordeste, a place of excellence in terms of off-road tours. On this tour we will show you the best that exists along the Northeast of the island, with its viewpoints and paths between mountains with extraordinary beauty.

Start by visiting the highest point of the Furnas crater, Salto do Cavalo, where we will have a fantastic view of Furnas, Povoação and the island of S. Maria on days with good visibility. Then, we head towards the oldest town on the island, the municipality of Povoação. Here we will have several dirt tracks, in which we will cross some water courses with the jeep, providing you with a unique experience. Then, we will go along some trails where we can contemplate the iconic Japanese hydrangea in communion with the plane trees, surrounding trees that date back more than 100 years of existence. We will also visit the famous Tronqueira, where the highest point of the island, Pico da Vara, is located. Serra da Tronqueira is a protected area for the management and conservation of habitat or endemic species of the Azores. Always with exuberant views of moist vegetation. Still in Serra da Tronqueira, we will have the possibility to visit Pico Bartolomeu, one of the highest points on the island, a place with breathtaking landscapes. Then, we will continue to the village of Nordeste where we will enjoy and get to know its historic center and take a break for lunch.

This area of ​​the island is known for its fantastic and exuberant nature, so in the afternoon, we will continue along the north coast, where we will stop at the most varied local viewpoints: Ponta do Sossego and Ponta da Madrugada, viewpoints known to residents as point of choice for watching the sunrise, as well as for its beautiful flowers and surrounding nature. In addition to these, we also have the viewpoint of Vigia dos Barcos with a privileged view over one of the oldest fishing ports on the island. Do not forget also the option of stopping at the Priolo environmental center where you will have the opportunity to have a guided tour with a guide and thus understand the measures practiced in the region for the protection of this beautiful endemic bird (the Priolo), and its habitats. In the direction of Ponta Delgada, you will have the opportunity to stop at several viewpoints, namely, the Vigia das Baleias in Algarvia, a place used to spot whales to hunt them, an activity that was abolished in the 20th century. Then, we stop at the Ribeira dos Caldeirões park to contemplate the beautiful waterfalls and their windmills, this being one of the highlights of this day.

Our tour is ending, followed by a relaxed trip to the city of Ponta Delgada, where we are sure that each corner visited will remain in your memory forever.



  • Off-road ride with excellent panoramic views
  •  Visit the most flowery municipality in Portugal
  •  Serra da Tronqueira (Protected area for the management and conservation of habitat or endemic species of the Azores)
  •  Explore the different shades of green in the Northeast of the island
  •  Discover the geological roots of the island of S. Miguel.
  •  Learn about the history of the Azores with your expert guide
  •  Small groups where you will have all the attention you need
  •  Unforgettable experience


Price: 73€

Schedule 09:00 - 17:00H
Local Walk in the Northeast
Departure: Ponta Delgada
Arrival: Ponta Delgada
(Transportation outside Ponta Delgada with additional costs)
Full Day Approximately 7 -8 Hours
Rote The itineraries listed above describe only some of the places of interest, serving only as a basic guide, however we travel through many other places, which you can discover on our tours.
Group Size Minimum: 2 pax
Maximum: 8 pax
Possibility to visit: Pinery, Tea Factory, Cave of the Coal in Ponta Delgada,
Guide Free transfer in Ponta Delgada Tourist Entertainment Permit Personal Accident Insurance Civil responsability Lunch
Not Included:
Park Entries


  • Ponta Delgada
  • Miradouro do Salto do Cavalo
  • Avenida do Plátanos
  • Serra da Tronqueira (Área protegida para a gestão de habitat ou espécies)
  • Vila do Nordeste
  • Miradouro da Ponta do sossego
  • Miradouro da Vigia das Baleias
  • Parque da Ribeira dos Caldeirões (Cascatas)
  • Ponta Delgada


Route can be changed for climatic or other reasons.