Big Game Fishing – Private Tour

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Fishing for large specimens of fish such as marlin or tuna is an experience you will never forget. After capturing a specimen, the addiction enters and we want to repeat the feat. Adrenaline runs through all veins during a fight that can take hours. In this type of fishing the method used is trolling with artificial samples, or it can be with dead and live bait. All blue or white marlin are released alive, unless they are a potential world record.

The fishing day lasts an average of 8 hours, from the departure of the marina to the arrival. During this time, the customer has a light meal and various drinks at his disposal. All fishing equipment on board the vessel is entirely at the disposal of the fisherman.

The marlin season starts in July and ends in October, with years of exception, in which the sea conditions and the presence of fish allow to prolong or anticipate the season.

On the other hand, tuna fishing starts in April and may go on until November, being sure that this is a fish with many variations where there may be seasons that disappear again after some time, there are years where there is a lot of tuna, next to coast.

The entire coast of the island of São Miguel is exceptional for the practice of this type of fishing. There are some specific banks for some types of fish. Thus, the fishing location is a daily decision of the skiper, taking into account the atmospheric conditions, to ensure the safety of the crew and customers, as well as the information collected on the movement of the fish.

Private boat 4 hours: € 450

Private boat 8 hours: € 650

Boat and all necessary fishing equipment Experiente Skipper e Deck Mate Waters and beers Lunch